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We would love to be the official valet trash pickup partner for your apartment complex. We are fully insured, qualified and have the experience for the job. In addition to our experience, we have technology to efficiently do the job and go beyond expectations. In addition to our technology we have a fully trained staff that is reliable to get the job done on a consistent basis.


1. Step 1 - Come up with a pickup schedule. We suggest a 3 day pickup
2. Step 2 - Pick up all trash from the apartment doorstep starting at 9pm.
3. Step 3- Take a picture of the removed trash and upload it to the Trash Scan app.
4. Step 4 - Pick up loose trash in the breezeway and or parking lot.


TrashScan APP

Trash Scan App is the digital platform available for your apartment complex.It is customizable to fit your unique business model. Trash Scan App has geo-fencing technology, real time reporting, and confirmation of services all visible through a user friendly dashboard. Residents and property managers can see the quality, efficiency, and
accountability of your waste management while adding profitability and enhanced operations to your valet trash company.

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