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Stadium Seats

Stadium and event cleaning


Goldenseal is a company that strives to create a space in which allows people to enjoy the atmosphere
with no sanitary disruptions. We believe that a clean space has a direct correlation to how people will
interact within their surroundings. In the south, a vital part of our southern culture is Friday night
football. For this reason alone, we make it our personal responsibility to service facilities so they are safe, clean, and enjoyable!

1. Clear trash from bleachers
2. Sanitize bathrooms
3. Sweep & blow off walkways
4. Remove surface debris from turf
5. Empty all trash from facility
6. Gather and organize recyclables

To properly clean and sanitize the facility, the following equipment will be used:

Leaf Blower for removing trash from bleachers, Synthetic Turf Sweeper for picking up debri from football field, and a Pressure Washer for cleaning bathrooms.


                                                                         Payments & Packages
This is a contracted yearly service. Pricing is based off a walkthrough evaluation. Payments are made
each week after field(s) are complete. We provide service for junior varsity, middle, and high school
varsity (Monday, Thursday, & Friday).
Elite Package: Premier package plus removing surface debris from turf and gathering and organizing
recyclables. (4 hours)
Premier Package: Traditional package plus sanitizing bathrooms, clean inside of concession stand, clear
parking lot of any loose trash. (3 hours)
Traditional Package: Clear trash from bleachers, empty all trash from facility, and sweep and blowing off
walkways. (2 hours)

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